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I’m finding ‘Managing Relationships Tough as a Leader

If you

  • enjoy your leadership journey but are finding the ‘people’ element tough
  • want to go full steam ahead on collaboration, but cannot seem to get everyone on board
  • would describe some of the members of your team as having ‘interesting personalities’ (and that’s as nice as you can say it
  • are done being undermined, second-guessed or having a diary full of meetings that you dread

Then you’ve come to the right place

Our powerful ‘Managing Difficult People Video Training module provides:

  • Powerful insights into obstructive behaviours and patterns and what they mean
  • Proven strategies to help you successfully navigate the most difficult relationships in your team
  • Tried and tested scripts supporting you to know exactly what to say, to deal with the situation head on and to retain control and your confidence with poise.

In less than 20 minutes we give you 5 trusted keys to handle the most challenging conversations, which will leave you with practical tools that you can put to work straight away.

No faff

No theory

No fuss

Just clear, powerful support for you to use when you need it most. Giving you peace of mind, clarity and knowledge that you can do this.