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I’m in need of some inner confidence

Why ‘Courageous Leadership’ – The Book?

Because I can reach only a few of you with workshops, keynote speeches and webinars. This book will take about an hour to read and I will pour into you everything I have learnt so far on leading with courage.

This is not the ‘theology of courage’. You can google that.

I propose to give you:

  • strategies I have used that work in leadership.
  • strategies I have used that were terrible (obviously don’t replicate these).
  • my own tale of leadership in a challenging setting and how I was able to navigate through it without dying or killing someone.

You’ll get my heart, my tears, and my triumphs.

I write with honesty and humour, and I really can’t be bothered to make this academically intellectual. If you want the truth about leadership and strategies to overcome the hard times (and a romping good read to boot) then stick with me. Anything else, google it.