You are in a meeting, everyone is talking, and you want to say something. You open your mouth and this comes out:

“I’m sorry…can I just say?”

Women in Leadership: One hour to fix the five mistakes you are making introduces 5 easy to digest golden nuggets. Learn how to become an effective and compassionate woman in leadership.

There is another way. This short book has no frills or extra stuffing. Just good, straightforward advice that’s simple to action.

What could you change tomorrow, this week, or this year that would make a difference in your life and career? 

What if reading this book helps make you brave enough to make that change? 

It’ll only take you about one hour to find out.

I write books that tell the truth and make you laugh, the chapter titles give you an idea!

  • Why do you take it in?
  • It’s ok to be yourself
  • You are not sorry
  • Don’t be a cow
  • Stop it

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 14 January 2023

Diana Osagie💫�Your book arrived an hour ago to my huge delight. Wow, I have read it from cover to cover.
I just looked up my emails that contained the ‘s’ word and there the pesky wee things were! I hadn’t realised I was doing it….but…no more. That in itself, has had an instant effect on me.

I laughed at baps and nu nu as my inner child just loves those words. I embrace my inner child as it creates sunshine in my soul which radiates through to lifting up those I coach and mentor.
I haven’t mastered the art of the hot chocolate flying out but giggled mirthlessly at the thought
🤣 Keep bringing your joy of life to those of us that care about making a positive difference as we can all make changes to our inner narrative that others go on to emulate. Congratulations on this wonderful book.
I applaud you from my heart.