You are in a meeting, everyone is talking, and you want to say something. You open your mouth and this comes out:

“I’m sorry…can I just say?”

Does this sound familiar? If so, this women in leadership book is for you.


Leadership Book for Women - Written By Our Founder, Diana Osagie

Diana Osagie is a highly accomplished leader with more than twenty years of experience in the public sector. Her expertise in female leadership in challenging circumstances is widely recognised, and she is the founder of the Academy for Women’s Leadership. 

Diana’s extensive career includes serving as a secondary head teacher for six years in a demanding urban environment, where she demonstrated remarkable leadership skills and a deep commitment to empowering her students. 

Her dedication to promoting women’s leadership and advancing gender equality has earned her widespread admiration and respect.


Elevating the Careers of Women In Leadership

“Women in Leadership: One hour to fix the five mistakes you are making” introduces five easy-to-digest golden nuggets. Learn how to become an effective and compassionate woman in leadership.

There is another way. This short book has no frills or extra stuffing. It’s just good, straightforward advice that’s simple to action.

What could you change tomorrow, this week, or this year to make a difference in your life and career? 

What if reading this book helps make you brave enough to make that change? 

It’ll only take you about one hour to find out.

Female Leadership Development Made Fun

I write books that tell the truth and make you laugh. The chapter titles give you an idea!

  • Why do you take it in?
  • It’s ok to be yourself
  • You are not sorry
  • Don’t be a cow
  • Stop it


Who is the target audience for this book on women in leadership?

The target audience for this book on women in leadership is individuals and organisations who are interested in promoting gender diversity, women’s empowerment, and leadership development. 

This includes executives, HR professionals, managers, and individuals seeking to improve their leadership skills and knowledge.

What makes this book different from other leadership books for women?

This book stands out from other leadership books for women because it focuses on the unique challenges and barriers faced by women in leadership positions. 

It offers practical strategies and advice specifically tailored to help women overcome these obstacles and succeed in their roles.

The book will also make you laugh out loud! What’s not to like?

How long does it take to read this book and start seeing results in my career?

The book can be read in about an hour – as it’s short and easy to digest yet still provides huge value for women in leadership.

As for the results in your career, that would depend on how much of the book’s advice you implement and how quickly you’re able to apply it. However, the book is designed to provide practical and actionable insights, so it’s possible to start seeing positive changes in your career soon after reading it.